PRS Building, Berners Street, London, England
12.03.13 09:30

First workshop in the NewAud "Ditching group #1"

“Ditching the concert hall” is the headline for no less than two of NewAud’s working communities.

For this the first community, the goal of the workshop is to get ideas and exchange experience on how to bring contemporary music to a new audience by breaking out of the traditional barriers of the concert hall.

The workshop takes place in London on Tuesday March the 12th, and includes seven music ensembles. Though they come from seven different countries they have one common goal: To engage a new audience by seeking out new venues – whether this means finding the right place for a particular piece of music, ambushing already existing performance venues, find a completely new regular space for one’s ensemble  – or something else.

The NewAud ensembles are London Sinfonietta, HERMES Ensemble, Con Tempo Quartet, Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, KammerensembleN, Scenatet and Sct. Christopher Chamber Orchestra.

They meet to kick off their cooperation at this 8 hour workshop featuring guest speakers, case examples, research overview - and hours of good discussions.