Sharing music,
presenting composers

Why share repertoire?

The ensembles of New:Aud exchange music repertoire.

During the project period more than 100 new music works circulate across European borders to reach a new audience. Polish works are performed in Norway, Croatian works are played in Ireland, and Slovak works are heard in Lithuania etc.

This exchange is a core activity for the ensemble network of NewAud, as it ties the ensembles together artistically, ensures that the music of the NewAud concerts is selected among the best new music in Europe, and provides a platform for talented composers to be presented to an audience outside their own country.

The Repertoire exchange takes place through a Repertoire Pool with works selected by the 31 ensembles. The pool contains more than 300 works, not least by younger and emerging composers, and all ensembles in NewAud are committed to submit works for the pool as well as to perform works from the pool.

New:Aud's Repertoire Pool is located in our unique database where the works can be searched through criteria such as duration, instrumentation, genre, level of difficulty and various thematic tags.

Everyone is welcome to explore the New:Aud Repertoire Database, but note that access to scores and sound files is only possible with log-in.