A lot of contemporary music is
humorous and actually a lot
of fun – even for young children
to listen to.

But where and how can kids hear new music?

You cannot put 4-year-olds into a concert hall and expect them to be quiet. Let alone to listen. Or clap. Many contemporary music ensembles are experimenting with special children's concerts where the music meets the children at eye-level. This can be by encouraging the children to play or draw while the music plays. Or by inviting the children to play along.

Exposing children to contemporary music is a core task for contemporary ensembles, for no one else is going to introduce them to it. Only by a targeted effort to address the small audience can contemporary music expect to have any audience in the future. But it has to take place in the children's own universe, and how do you do that best? And what pieces of music work? NewAud will try to find answers to these questions.