“We all know that when we go
out for a concert it’s not only
because we want to hear
particular pieces of music ..."

"... we also go to socialise, have fun and to experience an event.”

Thus says the artistic director of the Danish Athelas ensemble and points towards a discussion taking place within contemporary music these years: How do we turn contemporary concerts into the type of events that people do not want to miss?

Rock and pop music don’t have this problem since the music meets its audience in events rather than concerts. People go to festivals, nightclubs, discos and private parties – all events that would be unthinkable without music, but that are nevertheless not “concerts” of the type of classical music is stuck in. Luckily the contemporary music scene has begun to move socially and many music ensembles have started to make their concerts more “fun”. They make cocktails for the audience, serve food, play on multiple stages, or even give concerts at their homes.

How do we make the contemporary concert not necessarily “more” than a concert but “something else” than just a concert? And if we do this – how do we still maintain an uncompromising artistic level?

The NewAud project will be finding answers to these questions.