It is popular in restaurants to
have open kitchens – the guests
can watch the food being made
and chat with the chef before eating.

Maybe classical music should steal this idea and open up the concert experience.

Can we open a door to the creative process; can we invite the audiences into the factory and give them a taste before “serving” the concert? Will this provide a greater understanding of contemporary music?

Sure it will! One way is to bring in an element of teaching in the concert. Several music ensembles work with this discipline already, performing at schools or conservatories, telling about the music before they play it. Certainly one way to secure a future audience is to bring the listeners to a higher level of understanding and learning.

But are there other ways? – perhaps ways that avoids the risk of boring the audience with long lectures?

How can we invite the audience inside the music, how can we teach them something about the music they hear and awaken their curiosity for the modern sound? In the NewAud project we will develop both the educational concerts and other new concert forms that invite people inside contemporary music – and make them curious to hear more.