There was a time where nothing happened at a classical concert ...

... except of course that the music played!

The lights were dimmed and for two hours the audience was left to study the ornaments in the ceiling or the conductor's hairstyle. Today this is rarely the case with contemporary concerts, often involving other art forms such as lighting design, dance, theatre, video – or, as the Swedish Gageego ensemble did recently, having a graffiti artist decorate the whole concert hall while the music plays.

To cooperate with other art forms can unlock the potential of contemporary music and provide an experience for others than the usual followers. At the same time it can serve as a bridge to closes the gaps between musical works. Often, mixing art forms can make the entire concert flow a work in itself, in which the programming, the performance and the effects melts together.

However, cooperation with other art forms also raises a number of problems for the musicians. Who rules over work of art you create together, how do you find the visual expression that matches the music best – and how do you avoid that video, graffiti or dance just becomes a superimposed effect that really has no interest for the audience?

NewAud will through practical experiments and exchange of experience help contemporary ensembles to make use of the fusion between music and other arts.